Styling Characters & Moods

Client: Morphine
Date: 9 June, 2022
Services: 3D
Experimental Project 
Styling Characters & Moods.
A series of illustrations combining fashion and product design in cluttered abstract compositions. Each of these illustrations was created to work as a mood board for styling and dressing characters in their eccentric outfits.
Composition I
Colors: mint green, lilac & peach.
Mood: Danish Pastel aesthetic with 90’s hip-hop vibes.
Composition II
Colors: lilac, brown, periwinkle, orange & red.
Mood: 70s and 80s, cluttered, with a love of geometric candlesticks and vases.
Composition III
Colors: orange, tan, pink, steel blue & brown.
Mood: 70’s, mid-century product design and quirky candles.
Composition IV
Colors: matcha green, violet & yellow
Mood: 2000’s with handmade ceramics.
Composition V 
Colors: rose pink, olive green & tan.
Mood: kitschy and romantic vibes with whimsical ceramic objects.


Art, Illustrations & Creative Concept:
Morphine Studio.

Softwares used:

Cinema 4D, Redshift Renderer, Marvelous Designer and Ephere Ornatrix.

Brands, designers & objects that are present or that have inspired us:
Luigi Massoni, Guzzini, Helle Mardahl, Talbot & Yoon, Supertoys Supertoys, Balenciaga, H&M, Nike, Eny Lee Parker, Bottega Veneta, Memphis Group, Ettore Sottsass, Lazy Oaf, UAU Project, Prada, Deerstedt, Furla, Lotta Blobs, Copperni, Dear Frances, Maxine Wylde, Olivia and Alice.
© 2022, Morphine Studio.

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