Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Client: Paramount
Date: 10 April, 2024
Services: Animations

We were contacted by Paramount+ to create an animation for the new logo of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2. The proposal included a lot of creative freedom, we had to design any animation we wanted that included the new logo, and we had to follow a theme: the animation should be inspired in the genre of Romantic Comedy.

We created a control panel mechanism, inspired in retro futuristic devices, where every section of the device contains a different romantic comedy reference.
Below you can see our sketches and evolution process.

For the final video, we animated all the different sections of the control panel and we played around with the colors a bit. In every section of the device, a romantic comedy reference is successfully being achieved. The romantic gesture explodes, the other halves find each other, the two characters meet and the classic question of “will they, won’t they” gets resolved when they kiss.

We are sharing the final animation below.

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